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JONQUIÈRES is located on the right bank of the river called "l'Hérault", at the foot of the Larzac Plateau. The Château de Jonquières was built by the Saint Jean family in the XIII th century. Through consecutive heritages it becomes the property of the Vissec de Latude family who modifies the exterior architecture with a horse shoe stone staircase combined with two balconies typical of the Italian Renaissance. The monument is officially recorded in the Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques

(Buildings considered by the French government as being part of the French cultural heritage), although still a family mansion today. By successive heritages, the Château de Jonquières becomes the property of the Lansade, baron de Jonquières. With no descendants, the estate is inherited by the Cabissole family in the seventies. Since 1977, François de Cabissole has replanted and transformed the property and in 1992 started bottling his own wine. Since 2005, you can discover the Languedoc region while staying in one of the four guest rooms or in the gite.

Château de Jonquières 
34725 Jonquières - Hérault
(Do not be confused with Jonquières in the Gard, Aude or Vaucluse departments)
Wine : 
Charlotte et Clément de Béarn - Cabissole
+33(0)666 542 266 / +33(0)650 965 654 
B&B : 
François et Isabelle de Cabissole
+33(0)467 966 258 / +33(0)603 235 771 



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